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 In just four-weeks time, CanRoots is heading East. canroots-door-knocking.jpeg

CanRoots is an exciting new opportunity for activists and organizers to gather, share stories, compare tools and methods, and learn from one another so that we can campaign more effectively and win more often.

Canroots East will take place November 28-29 in Toronto. 

What is in store for CanRoots East? Sessions will cover everything from databases to storytelling, from celebrating successes to learning from failure to create a stronger organizing movement. We already have commitments to present by some of Canada's best organizers, from a cross-section of Canada’s most prominent, effective- progressive organizations:


Check out the program overview here and register today!

If you’re an organizer working in the trenches with questions to ask and successful tools to share, and want to meet others like you to share ideas, strategies and options for collaborating on shared goals, thenCanRoots is for you. Space is limited and the cost is accessible, so register now. 

Please help us spread the word by inviting your friends and colleagues!  

1.  Post this sample message on twitter:  

#canroots2014 is going east! A gathering for movement builders. Nov 28-29 in T.O.   Register today 
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3.  Forward this very email to all the organizers, mobilizers, advocates, campaigners and trouble-makers you know. 

You can register here and be ready to connect with some of Canada’s best organizers and mobilizers. 

Graham, Matt, Lindsay and Sabrina
Your CanRoots East Organizing Committee

ps.  Help us let the east in to this impressive community of organizers.  By sharing this message with at least 5 of your eastern colleagues you will be helping to cultivate a culture of data-driven organizing across Canada!


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