We need you to help build the progressive organizing movement

This year's CanRoots program features panelists, workshop leaders, and grassroots organizers who will be talking about diversity, challenges and relationships in organizing. It promises to inject energy and creativity in the progressive movement, and create strong bonds between organizers working on environmental, social justice, labour, politics, and a world of other progressive issues.

However, in order to make CanRoots a success we’re counting on organizations like yours to sponsor the conference. 

Sponsors can support CanRoots at a variety of levels ($1,000 - $10,000 for the keynote sponsorship). Your sponsorship will be acknowledged widely and will come with many other benefits. It will go to help pay for costs of the venue, food and to help cover the costs for low-income activists who otherwise wouldn’t otherwise be able to participate. 

Can you sponsor? Please get in touch with Laura, Sabrina, Ben, Lindsay or Olivia (the organizing team) at contact@canroots.ca.


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